Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Spring 2003
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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24 January
Dr. Sharon Vercelloti
V-Labs Inc.  Covington LA
"Challenges of Contract
Research in a Small Chemical Business"
31 January
Jason Calmes
Tulane University
The Twin Twin-Paradox Paradox:
The Twin Paradox in a Closed Universe
7 February
Dr. John Worstell
"globalization and its
impact on the industrial chemists"
14 February
Dr. Tino Lodogana
Southeastern Louisiana University
 Biological Activity of the African Medicinal Plant  Embelia Schimperi'
21 February
Dr. Robert Lucchese
Texas A & M University
The Effects of Electron Correlation and Nuclear Motion
in Molecular Photoionization
28 February
Dr. Eugene Theobald
Shell Chemical
"Accelerating the Inventive Process
Through the Use of Statistical Methods"
7 March
Dr. Debra Dolliver
Southeastern Louisiana  University
 Oxime Ethers
What Are They? Why Make Them? Why Study Them?
14 March
Dr. Ulrike Diebold
Tulane University
"What is a polar surface, 
why should it not be there,
and how come it's there anyway?"
21 March
Dr. Ken Nash
Argonne National Laboratory
"Man-made Elements Are Our Friends:
Studies in Actinide Solution Chemistry"
28 March
Dr. Julie Teetsov
GE Global Research and Development
"The Role of Scanned Probe Microscopy
(SPM) in General Electric's Nanotechnology Program"
4 April
Dr. John Meriwether
 University of Louisiana @ Lafayette
Radioactive Dating of Sediments in Louisiana's
Endangered Coastal Marshes
11 April
Dr. James McGuire
Tulane University
how to make simple things complex
18, 25 April
Spring Break!
can't say here...
2 May
Dr. Gary White
American Institute of Physics
The Secret Lives of the Hidden Physicists:
From Spandex to Software
9 May
Dr. Brad Wurm
Dow Chemical
From SLU to DOW: 
My Adventures in Science