Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Spring 2002
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

(Most flyers require Acrobat READER to view.  Click back there to download it for free.)

14 January
Dr. Hiroaki Yamamoto
California Institute of Technology
What's Shakin' in Livingston?
Computer Simulation of the LIGO Facility
8 February
Dr. Steve Long
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Low Level Mercury Measurements of Environmental and Biological Materials.
22 February
The Faculty of Chemistry and Physics
Southeastern Louisiana University
What You Did Next Summer:
A survey of research opportunities in the SLU Dept of Chemistry and Physics
1 March
Dr. Bill Parkinson
Southeastern Louisiana University
Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics: 
Is There a difference?
8 March
Dr. Ben Stewart
Stewart Software
Computer Simulation of Rigid Body Motion:
 Rotation, Nutation and Pole Flipping
15 March
Dr. John D. Scott
Center for Advanced
Microstructures and Devices
Louisiana State University
Research Opportunities at Louisiana's
Synchrotron-Radiation Lab - CAMD
22 March
Dr. Cynthia Mahan
C-ACS Group Leader
Los Alamos National Laboratories
Analytical Chemistry at Los Alamos National Laboratory
12 April
Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida and Krewe
Southeastern Louisiana University
Interferometry for Fun and Profit!

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19 April
Dr. James Johnson
Texas Women's University
Mechanisms of Acid
Catalyzed Z/E Isomerization of Imines.
26 April
Dr. Wayne F. Reed
Tulane University
Macromolecules:  A place where Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering meet
3 May
Dr. Eugene Theobald
Shell Chemical
When Fluids Flow and Reactors Fail