Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Fall  2009
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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Speaker Topic
21 August
Tiffany Bass
NIST Center for Neutron Research
NIST, Neutrons
and Low Temperature Systems 
28 August       
4 September
11 September
18 September
Dr. Hans Shanz
University of Southern Mississippi
Acid as External Stimulus to Control the
Activity and Solubility of pH-Responsive
Olefin Metathesis Catalysts
25 September
Dr. Donghui Zhang
Louisiana State University
Catalytic Routes Towards
Cyclic Poly(alpha-Peptoids) and
Their Block Copolymers
2 October
Fall Break Fall Break
9 October
Sarah Olivard
Southeastern Louisiana University
The Adsorption Sites of Ammonia on Methanol
Dehydrogenase Enzyme in Concert with Cytochrome cL
16 October
Dr. Jean Fotie
Southeastern Louisiana University
“Fighting Neglected Diseases: 
Natural Products as Potential Source of New
Antimalarial Drug Candidates, and Heme
Detoxification as Potential Target”
23 October
Dr. Pierre F. Poudeu
University of New Orleans
30 October
Dr. Patrick Garrity
Michoud Assembly Facility
Thermal Noise as a Spectroscopic
Tool to Determine Transport Properties
6 November
Dr. Doug Masterson
University of Southern Mississippi
Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids
13 November
Dr. Michelle Claville
Southern University
"The Study of Distonic Radical Ions Generated
from Oxidized Methionine-Containing Substrates."
20 November
Dr. Pedro DeRosa
Louisiana Tech University
25-27 November
Thanksgiving Holiday What about Bob?
4 December Dr. James Batteas
Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University
Fabrication and Optical Tuning of
Nanoscale Quantum Dot Assemblies on Surfaces

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