Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Fall  2006
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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25 August
name talk title
1 September
8 September
 Dr. Thomas Sommerfeld
Southeastern Louisiana University
Modeling Water Cluster Anions 
15 September
Dr. Helen I. Zgurskaya
University of Oklahoma
Mechanism of Multidrug Resistance in Bacteria
22 September
Dr. Guijun Wang
University of New Orleans
Explorations in Organic Synthesis: 
From Green Chemistry to
Drug Discovery and Advanced Materials
29 September
Dr. Alina Gearba
University of Southern Mississippi
"Probing Cold Atom Interactions with Ions"
6 October Dr. Sungwook Lee
University of Southern Mississippi
"Instantons and Minimal Surfaces"
13 October
Dr. Diana Mason
University of North Texas
Current Issues in Teaching General Chemistry
20 October
Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar
University of Texas at Arlington
Make Hydrogen While the Sun Shines:
Solar Water Splitting Using Semiconductor/Solution Interfaces"
27 October
Dr. Ron W. Darbeau
McNeese State University
Two interesting reactions of N-carbobenzoxy-O-carbobezoxyhydroxylamine:
hyperdeamination and sulfoximine formation.
3 November
Dr. Lance A. Christell
industrial chemistry and polymers (neoprene)
10 November
 Patrick Hamilton
Texas A&M University
Separable, Soluble Supports in Synthesis and Catalysis /
Graduate School at Texas A&M University 
17 November
 Kay Gersch, Scott Perez and
Heather Wagner w/
Shahla Anderson, Joseph Barberio, Lynleigh Hughes and Diana Rollette

Southeastern LIGO Outreach Team
An Analysis of Gravity's Rainbow
Detecting Radiation
24 November
Thanksgiving Holiday  
1 December
The Students of Chemistry 491 
Southeastern Louisiana University
What I Did All Semester