Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Fall 2004
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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27 August
Dr. Yuri Malazovsky
Southeastern Louisiana University
" Electron correlation in nanotubes and application of nanotubes"
3 September
Nafis Jamal, Kristin Rogillio,
and Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida

"Colliding Black Holes:
My Summer Vacation in Livingston Parish"
10 September

17 September

24 September
Dr. Bryan Bilyeu
1 October
Physics Students of
8 October
Dr. Bingqing Wei
15 October
Dr. Susan Latturner
"Synthesis of Inorganic Materials in Molten Metals."
22 October
Dr. Gary Emmert
29 October
Dr. Terry Lybrand
Vanderbilt University
Molecular modeling of protein-ligand interactions:  
   Detailed simulations of a biotin-streptavidin complex
5 November
Kristie Schmill
Russell Shaver
Electromagnetic fields, Plasmas and Interactions
The Philosphy of Science

12 November
Dr. Lon J. Mathias
19 November
Sarah Miller
Julie Chagnard

Trihalomethane Monitoring Using On-Line Purge and Trap Gas Chromatograph
Synthesis of Aryl Boronates in situ for Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions

26 November
Thanksgiving Holiday
Stuffin' and Stuffin....
3 December
Ken Thomas
Safeguards Systems Group
Nonproliferation and International Security
Los Alamos National Labs

Things Chemists Do:
Superheavy Elements, Medical Radioisotopes, and Nonproliferation