Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Fall 2002
(unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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6 September
Dr. Dan McCarthy
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hotter Than the Core of The Sun:
Fusion Energy On Earth
13 September
The Faculty of Chemistry and Physics
Southeastern Louisiana University
What You Did Next Summer:
A survey of research opportunities in the SLU Dept of Chemistry and Physics
20 September
Dr. Donald Davis
Oil Spill Research and Development Program
Louisiana State University
The Birth of the Louisiana Oil Industry
NOTE: This seminar will he held at 3:00 PM in Pursley Hall 211
27 September
Dr. William Hamilton
Louisiana State University
Gravity Wave Research with Resonant Bars and LIGO
4 October
Dr. James McGuire
Tulane University
How To Make Simple Things Complex
11 October
Mr. Raghuveer Dodda
Southeastern Louisiana University
My Summer At LIGO:
Undergraduate Research in Colliding Black Holes
18 October
Dr. Jim Macias
Shell Chemicals
Westhollow Research Center
Chemistry and
Applications of Lubricating Greases
25 October
Dr. Andy Hollerman
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Glowing Paint and Solar Sailing:
A Summer of Physics
1 November
Dr. Artie S. McKim
Gaylord Chemical Corporation
Chemistry in Bogalusa!!
8 November
Dr. Joe Schlenoff
Florida State University
Amorphous but Useful:
Thin Films from Polyelectrolytes
15 November
Dr. John J. Matese
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
What Makes Oort Cloud  Comets Observable?
22 November
Dr. James A. Holcombe
University of Texas at Austin
Monte Carlo Techniques:
Using random numbers to make sense out of science
6 December
Dr. Brad Wurm
Dow Chemical
From SLU to DOW:
My Adventures in Science