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Your grade will be determined by quizzes (10%), two in-class exams (35% each = 70%) and two lab reports (10% each = 20%). Quizzes will be administered near the end of the class period. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. The first exam will cover labs performed the first half of the semester. The second exam will usually cover labs performed in the second half of the semester (but may be cumulative - see below). You will write a formal report on your choice of one lab in each half of the semester (due the day of the exam - so; a formal report on one of the first SIX (6) labs, due the day of the Midterm Exam and another formal report on your choice of the latter SIX (6) labs, due the day of the Final Exam). Each formal report will contribute 10% of your final grade.  A set of report guidelines is here and a sample report is here.  In addition, if you want to submit a draft of the report well before the due date, I will review it and provide criticism. N. B. YOU and YOU alone will write the report -- while you will work in groups and may well elect to write your report on the same topic as a co-worker, you MAY NOT put your name on a report written by someone else. If you have any questions about this, I would DEFINITELY resolve them before you submit a report for a grade.

Finally, you have the option of preparing a report on any or all of the other labs. These will be due precisely one week after performing the lab.  These will not contribute to your grade, but I WILL review them if you like.  I will return those reports to you on the day of the exam and you may refer to them, as well as your formal report, during the exams. Records of attendance will be maintained.

Bottom line: If you prepare in advance for the lab and perform the labs more or less as I suggest, you should have no problems with this course.

Below the Bottom line: Some material on this page requires Acrobat Reader to view - click back there to download it for free.

Notes to use EXCEL to fit data (to get slope AND error)
Notes to use OpenOffice to fit data (to get slope AND error)

Lab MeetingExperimentText Reference
Text Reference
CONTINGENCYStorm LabContinuum Approximation
28 JANGraphing, Error, Equipment (Practice files)App. AApp. A
04 FEBElectrostatic InteractionsCH 16CH 19
11 FEBMapping Electric Potential
         ECG diagram
CH 17CH 20
18 FEB
Academic Checkpoint
Mapping Electric FieldsCH 16CH 19
25 FEBDirect Current Circuits: Series/Parallel/CH 18CH 21
11 MARDC Circuits: NonohmicCH 18CH 21
14 MARCareer Day0900-1230
??Pennington Center??
18 MAR
Academic Check
25 MARMagnetic FieldsCH 19CH 22
29 MARLast day to Drop
01 APRElectromagnetic InductionCH 20CH 23
08 APRRLC CircuitsCH 21CH 22
15 APREM waves: Diffraction GratingsCH 21CH 21.7, 23.8
29 APRReview OpportunityCH 25CH 28.4, 28.6
06 MAYTest IIOld Exam
Even Older Exam
cancelledMagnetic Force on a Wire


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