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Megan Lanier's Testimony of SEALs

Megan Lanier

As a student at Southeastern Louisiana University, I was encouraged to
join a research group early in my academic career and was fortunate
enough to be accepted as one of the first Southeastern SEAL student
researchers. I joined the program in August of 2007 and immediately
began working on projects for local companies such as Gaylord Chemical
and V-Labs. I was trained by the SEAL faculty to perform routine, yet
essential, lab techniques and operate various instruments, such as
NMR, GC/MS, HPLC, and light scattering devices. As more students
joined the program, I was able to move into higher responsibility
positions; thus, gaining the experience of training other students and
handling business aspects of the program. As part of my
responsibilities to the program, I presented my research to various
local and national scientific conferences. Being able to present my
research helped me to understand the value of attending conferences
and gave me the opportunity to develop my presentation skills. I also
learned a great deal about opportunities for furthering my education
in chemistry through these conferences and conversations with various
professors here at Southeastern and abroad. After three years of
participating in the Southeastern SEAL program, I have been accepted
into several Ph.D. programs and have chosen to attend Duke University.
I believe that the valuable, positive experiences that I have had
through the SEAL program has been a major key to fulfilling my dreams
of becoming a highly educated and well trained chemist. I would
encourage any student to become actively involved in research and hope
that undergraduate research would become more prevalent at every