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Activities the SEALs have participated in 2009:

October 2009- SEALs on Camera- Several SEAL members were included in the recruiting video filmed for the Department of Chemistry and Physics.


October 2009-Members of the SEAL program attended the inaugural LSU Triple Ex Symposium. Dr. David Norwood judged at the Symposium, and SEAL Student Researchers Patrick Weber and Patrick Gentry presented posters on their recent researching involving methods to track conversion amounts when producing bio diesel fuel from waste vegetable oil.

October 2009-SEAL student manager Megan Lanier traveled to Rice University for the Regional Undergraduate Chemistry Symposium to present an oral presentation entitled “Reactions of O-Alkylarhylhydroximoyl Azides in Electrophilic Media,” and was the first place winner. Congratulations, Megan!

August 2009-SEAL student managers Megan Lanier and Jordan Dinser traveled to Washington DC to present a poster titled “Cyclization versus rearrangement of N-alkoxyimidoyl azides:  the effect of the electrophile and solvent,” at the 238th American Chemical Society meeting.

August 2009-The SEAL team would like to welcome several new members for the 2009-2010 school year. We welcome chemistry majors Jessica Rhodus and Arjun Panday, as well as physics majors Sumit Libi and Bishwas Ghimire to the team.

Summer 2009-The SEAL team has started several new projects this summer, including work in Suzuki-Miyaura coupling and bio diesel process refinement.

June 2009-The SEAL team would like to welcome chemistry major Amber Bordelon as our newest Student Researcher.

April 13, 2009-Nominated by SEAL Faculty Advisor Debra Dolliver, SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier was awarded a prestigious Gladys Anderson Emerson Scholarship, awarded by the Iota Sigma Pi National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry.  Our congratulations to Megan.

February 27,2009-Members of the SEAL program attended the Louisiana Academy of Sciences. SEAL Student Manager Jordan Dinser, SEAL Senior Researchers Alexandra Ruibal and Andrew Holt, and SEAL Researcher Patrick Gentry all presented posters about their recent research. SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier gave an oral presentation on her research.

January 12, 2009-Dr. David Norwood and SEAL Student Researcher Patrick Gentry went to Hammond High School. They met with the school's chemistry club with help from Nancy Saragusa, a chemistry teacher. Dr. Norwood gave a presentation that included past SEAL research and information on the SEAL program. Patrick then performed a reaction with sulfuric acid and sugar. The sugar is dehydrated by the sulfuric acid and turns into black carbon, which then expands. The reaction is highly exothermic so the water evaporates and leaves a solid block of carbon.

January 2009-SEAL is working on two projects from Gaylord Chemical. SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier and SEAL Researcher Andrew Holt are working on finding a four-component formulation that works well to clean industrial lenses. SEAL Student Manager Jordan Dinser and SEAL Senior Researcher Alexandra Ruibal are working on a project to find which neat solvents clean photoresist and dielectric coating off microchips well.

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