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Activities the SEALs participated in 2008:

November 24, 2008-Dr. David Norwood, SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier, and SEAL Student Researcher Andrew Holt met with Sharon and John Vercellotti of V-LABS, Inc. to discuss a possible project measuring the molecular weight of gum arabic samples using Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering. This is a subcontract: V-LABS was hired to assess the suitability of these arabic polymers as emulsifiers and decided that SEAL could more effectively make some of the required measurements.

November 20, 2008-SEAL faculty sponsor David Norwood attended the Louisiana Technology Council meeting. The SEAL program was nominated for an award for innovation in education.

November 15, 2008-SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier and Dr. Norwood attended the 2008 Fall Science Invitational at ULL. Megan gave a presentation titled "The reactions of O-methylbenzohydroximoyl azides in electrophilic media".

November 2008-A project from Gaylord Chemical regarding the synthesis and characterization of a set of uniquely stable azidoximes in DMSO has been completed. SEAL Student Managers Megan Lanier and Jordan Dinser worked on this project. They also did a study of the reactivity of these compounds in acidic and electrophilic media. The results of this work are currently being submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

October 2008-Dr. David Norwood and SEAL Researcher Andrew Holt met with Dennis Herringshaw about a potential project. A music instructor at Southeastern, Richard Schwartz, had an idea about creating an intonation device to assist musicians in training their intonation. This meeting was to determine whether the SEAL program could assist him in the creation of this device.

October 2008-SEAL Student Manager Jordan Dinser and SEAL Student Researcher Andrew Holt worked on a project for Millard Foods, Inc. They developed in-house testing protocols to allow Millard employees to make quality control measurements that had previously been sent to a lab in Florida. In addition, they created training materials on how to perform salt and acetic acid titrations on food products.

September 26, 2008-The Southeastern SEALs presented the results of projects they've been working on during the past year to the faculty, staff and students of the Southeastern Department of Chemistry and Physics. Presenting were Megan Lanier, Jordan Dinser, Lexi Ruibal, Patrick Weber, and Patrick Gentry.

September 2008-SEAL had been working with a local entrepreneur on “green” transportation issues. The details are proprietary, but the intent of the project is to help move Louisiana into a new phase of sustainable transportation.

September 2, 2008-Members of the SEAL program, accompanied by Dr. Debra Dolliver, attended the Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society with other students and faculty from Southeastern Louisiana University. SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier, SEAL Senior Researcher Alexandra Ruibal, and SEAL Student Researcher Patrick Gentry presented posters on their research. SEAL Student Manager Jordan Dinser gave an oral presentation of her research.

June 19, 2008-A news release was posted on regarding the SEAL program. It discussed the benefits the SEAL program offers to local industry, and to the students working in the SEAL program. It included quotes from Dr. David Norwood, Dr. Debra Dolliver, and SEAL Student Managers Megan Lanier and Jordan Dinser. The release was subsequently published in the Hammond Daily Star (24 JUN 2008) and the Baton Rouge Advocate (Tangi Edition) (3 JUL 2008).

June 24, 2008-SEAL Student Managers Megan Lanier and Jordan Dinser assisted with the 2nd annual Truancy Summer camp. They helped children ages 7-10 perform experiments designed to get the children excited about chemistry and higher education.

May 19, 2008-An article was published in Chemical and Engineering News featuring the SEAL program. The article focused on a project that SEAL Student Managers Megan Lanier and Jordan Dinser worked on under Dr. Debra Dolliver for Dr. Artie McKim of Gaylord Chemical. The article also described the SEAL program and its origins.

May 17, 2008- Today, the SEAL program had its first annual Barbeque. It was held at Dr. David Norwood's house. Among those in attendance were Wyndham Cooke from Albemarle, Artie McKim from Gaylord, Paul Russo from LSU, and John Scott from CAMD.

April 11, 2008-SEAL Student Manager Megan Lanier presented a poster at the Spring 2008 Meeting of the ACS. Her poster, CHED # 672, was entitled “Schmidt-type rearrangements reactions of N-alkoxyimidoyl azides".  Coauthors included SEAL Senior Researcher Jordan Dinser,  SEAL Faculty advisor Dr. Debra Dolliver and Megan's client in this project, Dr. Artie McKim of Gaylord Chemical LLC.  Other coworkers were Veronica Wells and Caitlin Costanza.

March 15, 2008-SEAL researchers Jordan Dinser (Chemistry) and Lexi Ruibal (Physics) presented the results of their research at the 2008 Meeting of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences.  Jordan's presentation was entitled “Synthesis of O-methylbenzohydroximoyl azides and their reactions in acidic/electrophilic media.” and discussed work she did in collaboration with Gaylord, LLC of Bogalusa, LA.  Lexi's poster was entitled "The SEAL Program and DMSO VIscosities" and discussed measurements of the viscosity of DMSO with various additives, also performed in collaboration with Gaylord, LLC.  Lexi and Jordan secured funding for their trips by writing grants to the Southeastern College of Science and Technology STAR Program.

March 15, 2008- SEAL Senior Researcher Megan Lanier (Chemistry) attended a meeting of various polymer researchers from Louisiana State University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  The purpose of this meeting was to foster collaborative research activities with these two institutions, and in particular to establish a connection with the International School of Polymer Education in China, a joint operation with the Max Planck Institute.  In addition to describing the SEAL program in general, Megan described the work she has done on synthesis with DMSO as a solvent (in collaboration with Gaylord, LLC, Bogalusa, LA) and on characterization of polysaccharides by light scattering (in collaboration with V-LABS, Covington, LA).


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