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Activities the SEALs participated in 2007:

November 29, 2007- SEAL Senior Student Researcher Megan Lanier and SEAL Faculty Director David Norwood presented the details to students of Loranger.High 
School in Loranger, Louisiana on 29 November 2007.  Included was a simulated sunset to demonstrate Rayleigh scattering (on of the experimental techniques SEALs use).  Complete with simulated Hawaiian music!

November 13, 2007-Research performed by SEAL Student Researcher Lexi Ruibal in collaboration with Dr. Artie McKim (Gaylord Chemical Company in Bogalusa, LA.) was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, held 11-15 November, 2007 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA.

October 30, 2007- Darrell Phillips, Director of the Epic Lab in Ponchatoula, LA attended the monthly SEAL status meeting to hear presentations by the SEAL Researchers and discuss possible collaborations between SEAL and Epic.  Mr. Phillips was very impressed by the work being done by the SEALs and expressed an eagerness to collaborate. Current plans envision the SEALs performing a simple daily characterization of the output of the Epic Lab purification process.

October 19, 2007-SEAL researcher Chris Hill and SEAL Faculty Director Dr. David Norwood presented the details of the SEAL program to visiting students from Ponchatoula High School.  The students were visiting the Department of Chemistry and Physics with their physics teacher, Keith Edwards. (One student asked if it's possible for a high school student who attends Southeastern part-time to be a SEAL -- now THAT's enthusiasm!).

October 9, 2007- SEAL researcher Alex McNicoll, along with SEAL faculty David Norwood and Debra Dolliver met with clients John and Susan Vercellotti of V-LABS (Covington, LA) to discuss the progress of the Maltodextrin analysis project. V-LABS personnel were impressed with the progress and eager to continue the collaboration.

October 5, 2007- The Southeastern SEALs presented the results of projects they've been working on to the faculty, staff and students of the Southeastern Department of Chemistry and Physics.  Presenting were Christopher Hill, Megan Lanier, Alex McNicoll and Lexi Ruibal.

September 20, 2007-Dr. David Norwood presented the details of the SEAL program at a quarterly meeting of a Technical and Marketing Team of Gaylord Chemical (Bogalusa, LA), in order to discuss new collaborative directions.  Several possible collaborations using the equipment and expertise provided by SEAL were discussed.  Present for Gaylord at the meeting were:  Robert Strub (Director, Market Development), Craig Alexander (VP- Marketing and Business Development), Artie McKim () and George Kvakovszky ().

September 10, 2007-The SEAL Program has hired all four permanent positions.  However, interested students are encouraged to submit applications.  Should an industrial client submit a paid contract, the need and means would exist to hire more personnel.  Applications on file would be the first place we look! Go to "Role Overview" to see if the SEAL program is for you.  If it is, go to "Apply Online" and fill out an application.  Or go to "Contact Us" to get more information. 

August 24, 2007- Current projects with Gaylord of Bogalusa and V-LABS of Covington are proceeding.  The two projects with Gaylord are:  viscosity measurements of novel DMSO compounds and  a chemical synthesis project, again involving DMSO.  The V-LABS project involves the measurement of molecular weights of polysaccharide products that V-LABS prepares and sells to other businesses.

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