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Southeastern Faculty

The following Southeastern faculty are available on short notice for clients.  Other faculty, from Southeastern as well as other Lousiana schools, are available.

 David Norwood  -- physics, polymer
 Debra Dolliver  --  organic synthesis
 Mike Doughty  --  biochemistry
 Sanichiro Yoshida -- physics, optics
 Santino Ladogana -- inorganic synthesis
 Hye-young Kim -- physics, nanomaterials
 Rhett Allain -- physics, curriciulum design
 Jeff Temple -- biochemistry


The following areas of expertise are available on short time scales.  Others are available with longer time lines:

lasers (operation and design)
polymer characterization
light scattering
zeta potential
organic synthesis
mechanistic studies of organic reactions 
characterization of organic compounds
nucleoside and nucleotide mono- and triphospahte synthesis,
purification, and identification; 
cloning protein targets;
bacterial cell growth and protein purification;
enzyme kinetic analysis, including enzyme inhibition studies;
drug design, with an emphasis on inhbition of nucleic acid polymerases, including reverse transcriptases, DNA polymerases, and RNA dependent RNA polymerases.
interferometry and gravitational detection
field theory
deformation and fracture of solid-state materials
Inorganic synthesis
kinetics and mechanistic studies of organometallic reactions
Calculation of van der Waals interaction including many-body interactions
Molecular dynamics computer simulations.
Grand Canonical Monte Carlo computer simulations.
Path Integral (quntum mechanical) Grand canonical Monte Carlo computer simulations.
nano liquid droplet spreading
liquid/vapor and liquid/solid interfaces
Hydrogen storage
physical adsorption of various molecules/atoms on structured surfaces.
physics education (curriculum design)
data collection with basic sensors
numerical calculations
video analysis
LabView programming


The following equipment is available on short time scales.  MUCH more equipment is available with more time.

static laser light scattering - DAWN EOS, Chromatix KMX-6
single capillary viscometers
dynamic light scattering / zeta potential - PSS NiCOMP 380 ZLS
aqueous HPLC w triple detection (light scattering,refractive index, viscometry) (incl. ISCO Model 2360 gradient programmer)
sensitive refractive index measurements - Chromatix KMX-16, Shodex RI-71
conductivity, pH, titration, ion analysis - Brinkman Metrohm 702 SM Titrino

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Flash Chromatography
Radial Chromatography
Gas Chromatography
Infrared Spectroscopy
Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
three Beckman HPLC's with System Gold software and autoinjectors;
one Pharmacia FPLC;
plate readers;
UV spectrometers;
scinitillation counter;
protein and DNA gel apparatuses;
PCR cycler.
Helium-Neon laser (150 mW, cw)
Table-top tensile test machine (500 kgW)
sensors: motion, sound, light, magnetic field, force, temperature, voltage, current