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Test 3 Description

Basic Information: This test has 10 problems worth 6 points each for a total of 60 possible points.  The test is closed book and closed notes.

Testing Time: The entire class period will be devoted to the test. At the end of the class period, all test work must be completed. Most students who have studied the material can finish this test in under 45 minutes.

Materials Needed:


ruled notebook or graph paper

at least 2 sheets
Pencil pens are allowed

TI-83, TI-84 or comparable graphing calculator

Ruler for drawing lines and setting up scales

Problem Descriptions:

Using data as in #23-27 pp.189-90, there will be three problems as described below.
1 - Make a scatter diagram as in #23-25(part b only) 26-28 (part a only) pp.189-191.
1 - Find the equation of the regression line and plot the regression line on the scatter diagram you just created. (Regression Lines)
1 - Find the coefficient of determination and the correlation coefficient, and interpret these values in terms of the scatter diagram you just created. (Coefficients of Determination and Correlation)
1- Find outliers and influential observations (Outliers and Influential Observations).
1- Find and interpret a probability as in #31-34 p.234
1- Decide whether or not a distribution is a probability distribution as in #11-16 p.300
1- Find the mean and standard deviation and interpret the mean for a discrete probability distribution as in #19 (c,e), 20(c,e), 21(c,d) p.301
1- Find and interpret the expected value as in #29-30 pp.302-03
1- Find binomial probabilities as in #35(b,c,d),36(b,c,d),37(a,b),38(a,b,c) p.316
1- Find the mean and standard deviation of a binomial experiment as in #45-46, 49-50 p.317


Indicates a ruler is needed to create the answer to the problem.
Indicates the problem requires some time to work correctly.
Indicates that there is a calculuator routine which quickly does most of the work for the problem.
Indicates finding the answer requires some heavy thinking.

WARNING: The test is open book to allow you to look up any formulas you might have forgotten. You must, however, read and practice the problems before the actual test so you know what method to use and where the needed information is given in the problem statement. Students who take more than an hour usually have not read and practiced the problems sufficiently. Students who do not read and practice the problems beforehand will not finish in the allotted 75 minutes.

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