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Semester Project Checklist

The following is a condensed list of all the essential items of the project.

_____ Your project is submitted on paper with your name, class meeting time and current date. (2 points)

_____ A description of your data source or data collection method including title(s), source date(s), and location(s). (4 points)

_____ A table showing the frequencies and relative frequencies of the values of the qualitative variable. (4 points)

_____ A bar chart of the qualitative variable with analysis. (6 points)

_____ A chi-square goodness of fit test at 95% confidence to see if the values of your qualitative variable are equally likely. (4 points)

_____ A table showing the values of the following statistics for all three quantitative variables: minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, maximum, mean, mode, range, standard deviation, standard error, interquartile range, and skewness. (12 points)

_____ Three histograms, one for each quantitative variable, with an analysis of each histogram. (24 points)

_____ A single horizontal box plot for the non-comparable quantitative variable with analysis. (6 points)

_____ Side by side boxpolts of the two comparable quantitative variables with analysis. (8 points)

_____ A dependent difference test to see if the means of your two comparable quantitative variables are different at 95% confidence.

(4 points)

_____ Three 95% confidence intervals for the mean, one for each quantitative variable. (6 points)

_____ Ryan-Joiner tests at 95% confidence for each of the three quantitative variable to see if these variables are normally distributed.

(10 points)

_____ A scatter diagram involving one of the comparable quantitative variables and the non-comparable quantitative variable. (8 points)

_____ The equation of the regression line for your scatter diagram is stated. (4 points)

_____ All outliers and influential observations on your scatter diagram are identified. (4 points)

_____The value and meaning of the coefficient of determination for your scatter diagram are given. (2 points)

_____ A test for significant linear correlation between the two variables in your scatter diagram. (4 points)

_____ A table containing all the values for the one qualitative and three quantitative variables. (8 points)