Test and Final Exam Descriptions

Test 2 Description

Basic Information: This test has 10 problems worth 6 points each for a total of 60 possible points.  The test is closed book and closed notes.

Testing Time: The entire class period will be devoted to the test. At the end of the class period, all test work must be completed. Most students who have studied the material can finish this test in under 45 minutes.

Materials Needed:


ruled notebook or graph paper

at least 2 sheets
Pencil pens are allowed

TI-83, TI-84 or comparable graphing calculator

Ruler for drawing lines and setting up scales

Problem Descriptions:

1 - Empirical Rule problem like #35-38 pp.144-45
1 - Find the mean and standard deviation of grouped data as in Grouped Data Problems
1- Find the weighted mean as in #11-14 p.153
1 - Use standard scores to compare items from different data sets as in #9-14 pp.161
Using data as in #21-28 pp.162-63, there will be four problems as described below.
1 - Find the mean, mode and midrange as in #13-16 p.125, #46 p.130
1 - Find the quartiles as in #21(b), 22(b), #23(a), 24(a) p.162
1 - Find the range, sample standard deviation and interquartile range as in #17-20 p.142, #15-18 (part c only) pp.157-158
1 - Draw the modified box plot and describe the distribution shape as in #9-12 pp.169-70 (Modified Boxplots)
1 - Identify the parameter and statistic in a research objective as in Parameters and Statistics .
1 - Compare two boxplots as in Comparing Boxplots .


Indicates the calculator has a routine which quickly does most of the work for the problem.
Indicates a ruler is needed to create the answer for the problem.


Test and Final Exam Description