Test and Final Exam Descriptions

Test 1 Description

Basic Information: This test has 10 problems worth 6 points each for a total of 60 possible points.  The test is closed book and closed notes.

Testing Time: The entire class period will be devoted to the test. At the end of the class period, all test work must be completed. Most students who have studied the material can finish this test in under 45 minutes.

Materials Needed:


ruled notebook or graph paper

at least 2 sheets
Pencil pens are allowed

for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing

Cell phones MAY NOT be used!
Ruler for drawing lines and setting up scales

Problem Descriptions:

1 - Classification problem with three parts:
a) Decide if a variable is qualitative or quantitative as in #21-28 p.12
b) Decide if a quantitative variable is discrete or continuous as in #29-36 p.12
c) Decide whether a study is observational or an experiment as in #9-16 p.20


1 - Identify the population and sample in a study as in #45-48 p.12
1 - Analyze a bar chart as in #11-14 pp.70-71
For data as in #17-20 p.72, create a relative frequency distribution, a frequency bar chart and a relative frequency bar chart.
Examples Ruler
1 - Analyze a histogram as in #11-14 pp.91-92
Using data as in #38-42 pp.95-96, there will be two problems as described below.
1 – Create a quantitative frequency distribution with a given number of classes (Quantitative Frequency Distributions).
person thinking
1 – Create a histogram with a given number of classes (Histograms).


1 - Create a dot plot as in #53-54 p.98
Examples Ruler
1 - Create a time series plot as in #55 - 58 pp.98-99
1 - Analyze a time series plot as in #17-18 p.92 Examples


Indicates a ruler is needed to create the answer to the problem.
Indicates answering the problem requires some heavy thinking.
Indicates the problem takes some time to do correctly.


Test and Final Exam Descriptions