1. PHSC 102--------- We will continue to cover mechanical refrigeration. There is a link on the Information Sheet with class notes and a link with a drawing. Please see end of semester reminders below.

2. CLAB 123-------

Your final exam covering experiments 5 - 10 is the last class meeting as indicated on the lab sehedule. Your optional extra cerdit is due at that same time as are UCM passes. Please see end of semester reminders below.

Not now: Please be prepared for experiment 10. You should read the introductory material and the procedure in your lab manual (or modification if applicable). Be sure to prepare an outline (summary) of the procedure in your notebook. Remember to bring your lab manual and notebook to class and wear proper lab attire. Please also bring a calculator (does not need to be scientific). Please study the link on the class web page for Common Laboratory Operations and Apparatus.

Your lab reports for experiment 10 will be due Monday 11/24.

Please read Part II of the Information Sheet before starting the report. Remember that all calculations are to include units and are to be to the proper number of significant digits. Multiple pages must be stapled. Please see the report instructions available as a link on the Information Sheet.

Experiment 10 instructions.

Unknown number (by names)

Raw data:
Room temp., Barometric pressure, Make a table - for each run give the mass of sample and the volume of water

Sample calcs.:
All the calculations that I did on the board.

Make a table for % sodium bicarbonate for each run and the avergae of the best runs.

Are your results precise and reasonable.

End of Semester Reminders for all classes:

Make-up exams (comprehensive) will be given the last week of classes. Available times are 9:30 am Monday and 1230 pm Tuesday and Thursday. You must give me written notification no later than 5:00 pm, Monday 11/24 indicating your selection of time and date. Please remember that you must have an excused absence in order to be eligible for the make-up exam.

Optional extra credit assignments for lecture classes are due the last class meeting (not the day of final exam). The due date for lab classes is the day of the final exam. “UCM” passes are due at the times indicated for extra credit assignments. Print your name on the back of each pass.

Final exams are as listed on the official schedule. For PHSC 102, with the exception of graduating seniors, the scheduled day is Thursday Dec. 11 at 2:45 pm in PH 211. Lab finals are as indicated on the lab schedule.

Please bring a type “F” scan form and calculator.