1. CHEM 101---------Please follow along in your text as we cover introductory material in chapters 1 and 2..

2. CLAB 124-------Please be prepared for experiment 1. You should read the introductory material and the procedure in your lab manual (or modification if applicable). Be sure to prepare an outline (summary) of the procedure in your notebook. Remember to bring your lab manual and notebook to class and wear proper lab attire. Please also bring a calculator (does not need to be scientific). Please study the link on the class web page for Common Laboratory Operations and Apparatus.

Not yet: Your lab reports for experiment 1 will be due Monday 11/24. Please read Part II of the Information Sheet before starting the report. Remember that all calculations are to include units and are to be to the proper number of significant digits. Multiple pages must be stapled. Please see the report instructions available as a link on the Information Sheet.