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Chemistry 103, 104 Laboratory

Instructor: Dr. Don C. Elbers

Office: Pursley Hall Room 214 (Office hours will be posted)

Office Phone: 985-549-3940 EMAIL:

This information sheet is subject to change.  You will be notified in class if updates are available.  You will not be given a new "hard copy".  It is your responsibility to review the changes "on line" and print a copy for your own use.

Please check the my "NEWS PAGE" (News.html) and links below before each lab period in order to obtain reminders and possible experimental procedure updates.


 A list of and schedule for experiments to be performed (including tests) is available at the link Laboratory Schedule (103) or Laboratory Schedule (104). Each student is required to print this list and bring it to class in the lab notebook.

The type of report expected for each experiment will be announced for each experiment. If not otherwise specified, the report will consist of completion of the "Laboratory Report Sheet" in your lab manual. Reports are to be typed or neatly hand written in ink. Information is to be presented on the fronts of pages only. Multiple pages are to be stapled in the upper left-hand corner (do not fold). Print or type your name, the course and section number and the name(s) of your lab partner. Always answer any questions asked in the procedure or report, and always show your sample calculations with all units. Should additional space be needed, attach a separate sheet. Do not tear pages out of the manual, leaving messy edges. Although students may work in groups in the laboratory, with the exception of common data, reports are to be completed independently. Reports are to be turned in the lab period following the completion of the experiment. I will not be responsible for reports that are turned in out of sequence or at other than the scheduled times.
Reports submitted late, if accepted by me, will receive a grade penalty. A written excuse must accompany any late report.
Before you leave the laboratory, I will want to check your lab station to insure that it is left presentable for the following class. I will also want to check your raw data and possibly your preliminary calculations and results. Failure to receive my approval before leaving will result in a grade penalty.


Each student is to maintain a notebook. The notebook is to have non-removable pages. Each student shall prepare an outline (summary) of the experimental procedure in this notebook. The outline of the procedure must be completed prior to the laboratory meeting. Failure to maintain a proper notebook will result in a grade penalty.
IV. SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS Each student is to obtain a current edition of lab manual for this course. The manuals are available at the retail bookstore in the Student Union Annex. V. TESTS: A midterm exam and a final exam will be given as indicated in the laboratory schedule. If you miss an exam and your absence is excused, a comprehensive makeup will be administered. Quizzes on the experimental procedure, symbols, oxidation numbers, formula writing, and equation writing may also be given. NOTE: The decision to excuse an absence is left to the instructor (the exception being administrative approval).

If you miss the final exam you must notify me immediately and provide written documentation relating to the reason for the absence. Your laboratory grade is typically entered into LEONet, the first day of "regular finals". If you do not notify me before that date, you will receive a grade of zero for that exam.

You may not leave the testing room before the completion of your test unless you obtain permission. Permission will only be granted in case of certain emergency situations. Students who leave without permission will be required to turn in their tests regardless of the state of completion.

Please note that your final exam will be at the same time and place as the pre-lab lecture and on the date indicated in the laboratory schedule (not the week of final exams). You will need a type "F" scan form for each exam.

If you miss a scheduled make-up exam, you will receive a grade of zero on that exam.

The grade for the course is determined by the grades on the exams, quizzes, notebooks, and laboratory reports. The final grade is determined by the percentage of total points as follows:
90 - 100% A

80 - 89% B

70 -79% C

60 -69% D

0 - 59% F

Final course grades will be posted on line only to be viewed via LEONet.

Graded work (reports, tests, quizzes) will be returned to the student as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the student to retain all graded work in their possession until course grades are finalized at the end of the semester. In the event of a grade dispute, the student may be required to surrender all graded work for grade verification.


The regulations of the university will be followed. In case of absence, a written excuse must be presented to me. The number of absences will be considered in determining borderline grades.  Students having more than one (1)  unexcused absences will not be eligible for extra credit, bonuses, and grade adjustment (curving).

Attendance at the first class meeting is mandatory. It is at this time that important safety information is presented and verified through the safety quiz. Experiments cannot be performed until this is completed. It may be necessary for a student to drop the class if the first meeting is missed.

It is extremely important that one not miss laboratories and laboratory lectures. If one misses a lab lecture/lab, the work must be done to receive credit. This includes both the experimental procedures and the lab lecture. One must attend the lab lecture/lab of another section. The lab lecture/lab will have to be made up the same week.  Note: For summer session, labs are set up for a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday time period. You must contact me immediately to make alternate arrangements. If you complete the lab with another class and a different instructor, you will need to have that instructor initial your laboratory data sheet.  That data sheet or a copy must be submitted with your lab report.  Failure to make up the lab lecture/lab will result in a grade penalty. This applies also to absences as a result of attendance at university sanctioned events. Arrangements to make up foreseeable absences must be made no later than the week before the foreseeable absence or as soon as possible if the absence is not foreseen. Any delay in contacting me to arrange a make-up may result in failure to receive credit for the missed lab(s). More than one absence may result in one being dropped from the class; yet, do not assume a drop to be automatic. If you feel it is necessary to drop the class, it is your responsibility to do so. Three (3) absences will result in a grade of "F".

There will always be a lecture preceding the lab. At this time, the high points of the experiment are discussed, possible problematic areas are presented and pertinent safety concepts are reviewed with the class. (It should be noted that no safety discussion can be all inclusive.) If you are tardy and miss a substantial part of the lecture, you will not be allowed to participate in the lab (the experiment). If this is the case, your tardy will be counted as an absence. You will be required to do a make-up.

For your safety and the safety of others, you must be prepared for lab. Proper preparation includes reading the introductory material, reading the procedure, preparing an outline of the procedure, and answering any assigned pre-lab questions. If you come to lab unprepared you will not be allowed to participate in the lab (the experiment). If you are asked to leave because of lack of preparation, you will be counted absent and you will be required to do a make-up.

All absences (tardies) will require the presentation of a written excuse. NOTE: The decision to excuse an absence is left to the instructor (the exception being administrative approval).


In the event of an official university closure during your scheduled lab, we will attempt to reschedule the experiments and use a discretionary day during the semester. If that is not possible, your instructor will provide you with an out-of-class activity that will substitute for the missed lab. Check moodle, and with your instructor, as soon as possible after the closure, to find out how the missed lab will be handled.


An optional 15 point extra credit assignment may be made available near the end of the semester. Students having any absences,  that have not been excused, are not eligible. X. SAFETY: Each student must follow all the safety rules. Safety goggles must be worn at all times in the laboratory. Failure to follow the safety rules will result in grade penalty or being dropped from the class.
It is essential that I have your full attention during the lab lecture and the lab. Distractions such as cell phone use, head phones, and musical device use will not be permitted.
You will not be allowed to attend lab if you do not have proper lab attire as indicated in your safety handout. If you are asked to leave because of lack of proper attire, you will be counted absent and you will be required to do a make-up.
The Safety Handbook of the Department of Chemistry and Physics can be viewed at the link The specific safety handout for this class is listed in Appendix II.


          The regulations of the university will be followed  in order to provide an environment thatis conducive to learning.

It is University policy that the classroom is not a place for children, and that students are not to bring their family members for day care or baby sitting.

Free discussion, inquiry, and expression is encouraged in this class.  Classroom behavior that interferes with  either (a) the instructor's ability to conduct the class or (b) the ability of students to benefit from the instruction is not acceptable.  Examples may include routinely entering class late or departing early; use of beepers, cellular telephones, or other electronic devices; repeatedly talking in class without being recognized; talking while others are speaking; or arguing in a way that is perceived as "crossing the civility line."  In the event of a situation where a student legitimately needs to carry a beeper/cellular telephone to class, prior notice and approval of the instructor is required.  Classroom behavior which is deemed inappropriate and cannot be resolved by the student and the faculty member may be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for administrative or disciplinary review as per the Code of Student Conduct which may be found at
XII. THE ADA If you are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required to self-identify with the Office of Disability Services, Room 203, Student Union.  No  accommodations will be granted without documentation from the Office of Disability Services. XIII.  E-MAIL POLICY

The  University policy concerning e-mail  will be followed.  Please check your Webmail daily.  Only Southeastern's e-mail addresses will be used for official correspondence.  Messages from other than your officially assigned e-mail address may not receive a response.


Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Behavior that violates these standards is not acceptable. Examples are the use of unauthorized material, communication with fellow students during an examination, attempting to benefit from the work of another student and similar behavior that defeats the intent of an examination or other class work. Cheating on examinations, plagiarism, improper acknowledgements of sources in essays and the use of a single essay of paper in more than one course without permission are considered very serious offenses and shall be grounds for disciplinary action as outlined in the current General Catalog


Procedure or data-report modifications. Bring the pages indicated to be printed to class when these experiments are performed.

The following procedures are not needed this semester.

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