For the purposes of this class you will need a basic simulator of Backpropagation nets.You may pick one of your choice from the web but I have logged one below for your convenience. In order for it to work on windows 2000, XP, or above you may need to also get the dll mentioned below.

What is VBRUN300.DLL and where do I get it?

VBRUN300.DLL is the run-time DLL that must be found on your system for any Visual Basic 3.0 program to run. Normally you place this DLL in your Windows/System directory.

Although developers of other platforms -- Delphi, C++, etc. -- often 'snicker' at the need for such a file, they seem to forget that even a 'natively compiled' programs in any of their chosen languages still depend on various, and often numerous, DLLs that Windows provides, let alone those they create themselves. Any Windows program relies on DLLs within the Windows system to function.

Why wasn't this file just included in your Windows system in the first place? Heck if I know -- I think Microsoft suffered from brain-fog and didn't foresee the great popularity VB would gain as a development system.

You can obtain VBRUN300.DLL at many, many places on the web, and you may already have it on your system. If not, download it right here.

Download VRRUN300.DLL (389 Kb)