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Please feel free to send your comments and feedback for the course(es).  I have established this form so that you can send me your comments anonymously as opposed to using email which reveals your identity.  By using this form no email is involved and so your identity is not revealed, thus I get your feedback but you still remain anonymous if you so choose. However, this also means that I can not respond directly to you, so do not use this if you are expecting a direct response; use email instead.

This is done in the best interest of the courses. Your comments will help make the class experience as best as possible so to achieve the best possible educational outcome from my classes.

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Explain if you see anything as a problem with the class or anything that can be improved.

Do you have a suggestion for how things can be improved?

Any problems with equipment, the GA’s or any other support personnel?

Please do not use this form to ask questions. This form is anonymous so I cannot get back to you with any responses this way.