1.                  Open Publisher

2.                  Select “Blank Publications” tab

3.                  Select “Blank Full Page”

4.                  Choose “Create” or double click

5.                  Go to “Arrange”

a.      “Layout Guide”

                                                               i.      Change all margins to .25

                                                             ii.      Change number of rows to 2, Press “OK”

6.                  Select “Text Frame Tool”  (the larger letter “A” in toolbar left side of window)

7.                  Draw text box

8.                  Type your name

9.                  Choose “F9” to Zoom in

10.              Select or highlight your name to change formatting features

a.      Increase font to about 72 using the “Increase Font” icon on toolbar (large A) or by typing the size of font you prefer and press “Enter”

b.      Resize box by using “shift” and “resizing arrows”

c.      Change color if you wish

d.      Make “Bold”

e.      Right click while still selected

                                                               i.      Choose “Change Text”

                                                             ii.      Select “Align”, then “Center”

                                                            iii.      Select “AutoFit Text”, “Best Fit” if object does not fit into text box

11.              Insert Picture using the “Clip Gallery Tool”

a.      Search for ClipArt

b.      Insert ClipArt

12.              Insert decorative border:

a.      Around Name Only

                                                               i.      Select name to place decorative border

                                                             ii.      Right click

1.      Go to “Change Text Frame”

2.      Choose “Line Border Style”

3.      Go to “More Styles” for BorderArt

b.      Around Entire Card

                                                               i.      Draw a rectangle around entire card using the “Rectangle Tool”

                                                             ii.      While rectangle is still selected, right click

                                                            iii.      Choose “Change Rectangle”

                                                           iv.      Choose “Line/Border Style

                                                             v.      Select the style you want

13.              Select both name and clipart by selecting one and “shift click” to select other

a.      Press the “Group” icon

14.              Right click to copy group of objects

15.              Move cursor to bottom of page

16.              Left click to paste group of objects

17.              Move copy of group using “bus” to bottom of page

18.              Click on top group to select

a.      Go to Arrange in the Menu Bar

                                                               i.      Select “Rotate and Flip”

                                                             ii.      Rotate until group is upside down

19.              Print Name Card on cardstock paper