1.                   Launch Microsoft Publisher

2.                   Select Tab “Blank Publication”

3.                   Select “Full Page”, then “Create”

4.                   Change Page Orientation

a.      File, Page Setup, Choose “Landscape”

5.                   Go to Arrange

a.      Layout Guides

                                                               i.      Change all Margin Guides to 0.25”

                                                             ii.      Change Margin Grid

1.       3 Columns

6.                   Insert, Page

a.      Number of Pages to Insert:  1 (after current publication)

7.                   You are now ready to create a tri-fold brochure

8.                   Your brochure should contain the following:

a.      Text including one picture or clipart with text wrapped around it.

b.      Pictures, Digital or Scanned Photos or Clipart

c.      A table and/or

d.      A graph

9.                   To add a table to your publication:

a.      Click on the Table Frame Tool on the Objects toolbar and position your mouse pointer in the panel of your brochure.

b.      The mouse pointer changes to cross hairs.  Next you will click and drag to open a table frame.

c.      Click and drag down and to the right to open a table frame inside the frame outline that shows on the brochure.  When you release the mouse, the Create Table dialog box opens.  The number of rows or columns showing in the dialog box will vary depending on how large you made your table frame.

d.      Type the number of rows and columns you want in your table.

e.      You can choose a different format that is listed rather than use the default format

f.       Click OK.  Increase the zoon to 100%.  A table grid is displayed in the space where you drew the table frame.

g.      With the insertion point in the first cell of the type, type your data.  Press “tab” to move to the next empty cell.

h.      To add columns (or rows) to a table:

                                                               i.      Click the column (or row) selector at the top of the first column (or the left side of the first row) and when the column (or row) is selected, choose table, insert Columns (or rows) from the menu

10.               To add a graph or object to your publication:

a.      Change the zoon to Whole Page

b.      Click gray area outside of the brochure so that nothing is selected; then choose Insert, Object from the menu

c.      From the Insert Object dialog box, you can create a new object using of the object types shown in the list box, or you can choose Create from File and select an existing file to insert.

d.      Click the Create from File option button

                                                               i.      The Object Type box is replaced by a File box and a Browse button

                                                             ii.      Click the Browse button

                                                            iii.      After you locate the file, Click Insert, Click OK and the chart is inserted and placed on top of the brochure

                                                           iv.      Using the resizing handles (arrows) resize the object or graph to fit into your brochure.

11.               To print brochure

a.      File, Print, Select Page 1 to 1, OK

b.      Flip Document

c.      File Print, Select Page 2 to 2, OK

d.      Print on Two-Sided Glossy Paper