Your honest evaluation of your own and your peer’s efforts within the group are critical to the integrity of all group effort in this class.  A major problem in group work is what economist’s refer to as the “free-rider problem”.    This evaluation is designed to let me know who were the hard workers and who contributed the least.


General Information:  (Circle one)


1.  About how many group meetings did you have?  1/week            2/week        3/week


2.  Generally, how long did the group meetings last?  0-1 hour             1-2 hour            2-3 hours


Instructions:  Rate each of the members of your group, including yourself, on the following items.  Be careful not to give all group members all the same rating unless absolutely necessary.  Any comments may be written on a separate piece of paper.


Group Member Name




     Rate Item
























    Technical Knowledge




    Total Points






Name of Evaluator:_______________________________________


Rate Items:


Attendance:  Frequency of attendance at group meetings ( 5= always, 4=almost always, 3=missed a few, 2=missed more than a few, 1=missed too many, 0=did not attend


Timeliness: (5=always showed up on time à 1=did not show or was always late)


Contribution to group discussions (5=had great ideas, 4=had good ideas, 3=average contributor, 2=did not talk much, 1=hardly said a word)


Fulfillment of assigned responsibilities (5=went above and beyond assigned duties, 4=did good work, 3=did what was expected, 2=needed help, 1=needed lots of help)


Leadership in the project (5=most active leader à  1=least active leader)


Technical know how that helped in group projects (5=technical expert à 1=very little technical knowledge)