Website Project Grade Sheet (35 Points)



Student Name ____________________________________________ Total Score _____


Basics (-5 point for each not checked)


q       Web Link opens correctly

q       Site contains 3 or more pages that can be opened

q       Site contains meaningful page links for surfing between pages without using “BACK” button

q       Site must contain a scanned or digital photo

q       Site contains 3 working links to related site on the web


Communication (-3 points for each not checked)


q       The purpose (or message) of the website is clear by viewing the home page


Spelling and Grammar (-4 points for item not checked)


q       No misspelled or missing words in site text


Design and Creativity (-1 point for each not checked)


q       All graphic elements are relevant to the subject presented

q       All text and graphics are properly proportioned

q       The design of the site attracts the web surfer to “look further”