Diversity/September 11th Poster Project


Total 10 Points


Student _________________________________________ Total______


-1 for any item not checked (total 5 points)

q       Poster contains a headline

q       Poster contains a vertical or horizontal rule and/or border around page or box around page element

q       A logo—not simply a graphic

q       At least one original digital or scanned photo

q       Text that relates to the poster



-1 for any item not checked (total 1 point)

q       No misspelled words



-1 for any item not checked (total 1 point)

q       The message of the poster is clear at first glance



-˝ for any item not checked (total 3 points)

q       Relevance—all the elements reflect the subject of the piece

q       Proportion—all elements are properly proportioned

q       Consistency —no more than 3 font styles

q       Direction—all the elements work together to leader the reader through the piece

q       Simplicity—25% white space

q       No excessive hyphenation, pixilated graphics, or gaps in body text