Name _____________________________ Total _____


Total 25 Points

Basics –2 for each item not checked.

q       Brochure is printed in color.

q       Brochure size is 8˝ x 11, 2-sided (6 panels).

q       Printed on 2-sided cardstock.

q       Short written statement that identifies the original photo or illustration.


Total Points _____ (8 Points Possible)


Content –2 for each item not checked.

q       Contains a company or organizational logo.

q       Contains a scanned image or original digital photo.

q       Contain body text.

q       Contact information—address, telephone, name and company or organization name.

q       Contains a map drawn in publisher or other art program, table or graph.


Total Points_____ (10 Points Possible)


Spelling –2 for each item not checked.

q       No spelling errors.

q       No misuse or missing verbiage and/or message of brochure is clear.


Total Points_____ (4 Points Possible)


Layout and Design –1 for each item not checked.

q       All the elements work together to lead the reader through the piece.

q       All elements are properly proportioned on the page.

q       The brochure is professional in design and content.


Total Points_____ (3 Points Possible)



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