Faculty Senate 2005-2006 – Resolution 11


A Hole in One for the President





Whereas the Faculty Senate recognizes that hard work must be matched with good times and recreation,


Whereas the Faculty Senate appreciates that the event in question occurred in the first post-Katrina round of golf played by our President,


Whereas statisticians have calculated that the odds for any golfer to make a hole in one on a given par 3 hole are between 10,000 to 15,000 to 1.


Be it therefore resolved that the Faculty Senate congratulates President Randy Moffett on his recent accomplishment of acing a 144-yard, par 3 at the Country Club of Louisiana.


Be it therefore further resolved that tradition dictates that the golfer scoring the ace “buys a round for the house,” we believe that in the case of our university president, this should apply to the Faculty Senate as well.