Faculty Senate Resolution 2005-2006:09

Resolution on Diversity among Tenure-Track Faculty


Whereas at the November 2 meeting of the Faculty Senate, some senators questioned the status of diversity among faculty on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus and suggested that issues in this regard be identified and addressed; and


            Whereas, the Faculty Welfare Committee met, studied the issue, researched available statistics, and considered diversity relative to and within the Southeastern faculty and staff; and


Whereas, the composition of faculty and staff at Southeastern Louisiana University was found not to reflect the demographics of the State of Louisiana; and


Whereas, the recruitment and retention of a diverse body of faculty and staff enhance the intellectual environment for students and faculty;


Therefore, the Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate in alignment with the university's mission statement, "to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of southeast Louisiana resolves to encourage the University administration to make every effort to achieve a level of diversity at Southeastern Louisiana University by striving to make Southeastern Louisiana University competitive with peer institutions in attracting and retaining a diverse body of faculty and staff, but especially positioning Southeastern in a leadership role, rather than a reactive role, with regard to all aspects of campus diversity.

Be it further resolved, the Faculty Senate urges the administration to reactivate the University Diversity Committee, so that it may focus and return specific recommendations to the administration regarding the hiring of a diverse faculty and other appropriate diversity issues.