Faculty Senate Resolution 2005-2006:08

Advertising of Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty


            Whereas, the Welfare Committee met concerning the Human Resources policy found in the document, AEmployment Procedures for Hiring Faculty@ (http://www.selu.edu/ documents/policies/faculty_employment_procedures.pdf) regarding advertising positions for tenured/tenure track faculty and reached several conclusions, and

Whereas, the Human Resources policies found in the document are mostly clearly stated and fair in that academic departments have authority within the legal requirements to advertise positions as they see fit.  Two advertisements of the department=s choosing from within the departmental budget of Human Resources are required with the possibility of more advertisements being paid from the HR budget with approval of the administration, and


Whereas, there is no law or policy which requires departments to advertise at any particular level--local, state, national, international--except in the case of the desire to hire a non-citizen. In that case, the university is required by law to show that the position for which the non-citizen was hired and was given a temporary visa to teach was advertised appropriately in national journals and thereby, showing that any citizen was given equal opportunity to apply for the position as the non-citizen;

Be it therefore resolved,  in order to encourage departments to advertise beyond the local publications for tenured/tenure track faculty and in order to increase assurance that Southeastern Louisiana University draws its applicants from a greater pool of intellectual talent, that the statement "For tenured/tenure track faculty, advertisements should be placed in nationally circulated journals whenever practicable," be added to page 4 paragraph two under Advertising (Part II. C. 4. & 2)  The paragraph will then read as follows:

AThe Human Resources Office is responsible for placing all classified advertisements related to filling vacant positions. For operating fund positions, the Human Resources Office pays for two classified ads in publications of the department's choice. This can be the Chronicle of Higher Education or some other journal or two newspaper ads. For tenured/tenure track faculty, advertisements should be placed in nationally circulated journals whenever practicable. Advertisements for auxiliary and grant funded positions are paid for by the respective department requesting to place the ads.@