Faculty Senate Resolution 2005-2006-02

Administrative Leadership after Hurricane Katrina




Whereas the Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating natural disaster in the history of the United States, and


Whereas Hurricane Katrina displaced and otherwise victimized thousands of students faculty, staff, and others in the overall Southeastern constituency, and


Whereas various other institutions were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina,


Whereas the response to such a disaster necessitates good judgment, overarching compassion, and bold innovation to accommodate students and others who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina,


WHEREAS even in the crisis of Hurricane Katrina Southeastern has fulfilled the University’s mission,


WHEREAS Southeastern’s administration has once again prioritized this University’s positive attitude toward students:


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate thank the following Southeastern officials and for their enlightened leadership in response to Hurricane Katrina:


Dr. M. Randy Moffett, President

Dr. John L. Crain, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Stephen Smith, CPA, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Dr. Joseph H. Miller Jr., Vice President for University Advancement

Dr. Bradley S. O’Hara, Vice President for Public Affairs  

Dr. Marvin Yates, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Steve Soutullo, Dean of Enrollment Management

Dr. Mike Asoodeh, Assistant Vice President for Technology

Mr. René Abadie, Director of Public Information


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate thank the staffs of the forenamed officials for demonstrating responsiveness and selfless service during the trying and inconvenient circumstances in the days following Hurricane Katrina.