Faculty Senate Resolution 2004-2005-07

Faculty Search Procedures




Whereas the recruitment and appointment of new faculty members is a serious undertaking, and


Whereas faculty participation in the search and selection process is vitally important, and


Whereas the Faculty Handbook and the Human Resources Handbook give vague and conflicting information on the appointment and duties of  faculty search committees and the role of the other departmental faculty in the search and recommendation process, and


Whereas different departments have varying and often unwritten procedures for faculty searches,


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Handbook (Part III; Section A; Procedures) and the appropriate section(s) of the Human Resources Handbook be edited to state that “Each academic department shall have written procedures and guidelines for the appointment and duties of the faculty search committee and the departmental search and recommendation process,” initiated by the departmental faculty and subject to the approval of the Academic Dean and the Provost.