Faculty Senate Resolution 2004-2005-05

Modifications to the Academic Integrity Process




Whereas in the past, faculty members have not always been notified of the disposition of academic integrity cases that they have filed.


Whereas faculty recognize the privacy rights of students in such matters and the need for administrative protection of those interests. For these reasons, faculty may not need to know the precise details of the disposition of the case, but they should have the right to be notified that the case was disposed of, by whom, and in general terms, in what manner.


Whereas at present, there is no standardized mechanism for faculty to initiate and/or route an academic integrity issue with a student.


Be it therefore resolved that the Administration should seek to:

   Put in place a system for faculty notification of the disposition of all academic integrity cases filed by faculty, whether decided at the level of the Academic Dean or the Office of Judicial Affairs

   Create a standardized form for initiating and routing complaints regarding academic integrity across the university.