Faculty Senate Resolution 2004-2005-04

Contents of the Initial Faculty

Application Packet



Whereas materials required with initial applications vary from institution to institution in the University of Louisiana System, and these are dependent upon the needs of the individual department,


Whereas different disciplines have specific information needs, and that materials required in the initial application phase could differ without compromising the search process from the universityís standpoint,


Whereas The Office of Human Resources indicates there could be more flexibility given to departments on materials that applicants are required to submit at the initial application stage,


Whereas flexible requirements in the initial stage of application could help reduce the amount of paper departments must keep on file,


Whereas individual applicants actively on the job market send out a number of applications, streamlining the contents of the initial application packet could work to attract applicants to Southeastern, and


Whereas deadlines for having reference letters in hand before an applicant can be considered places applicants at the mercy of those writing recommendation letters,


Be it therefore resolved that Southeasternís hiring policies be modified to allow departments to individually determine what the required contents of initial faculty application packets should be.