Responsible Computing Policy




Whereas all stakeholders in the University have an interest in ensuring that the institution’s technological resources are used in a proper manner, and


Whereas the Responsible Computing Policy has been drafted with input from representatives across the University, and


Whereas subsequent to the draft of the Responsible Computing Policy, the University has recently instituted new technology initiatives on campus, including:

1)     NetStorage, which provides file storage, accessible via the internet; and

2)     The Southeastern Wireless Network, which provides wireless access in a variety of locations across campus,


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate endorses the full adoption of the Responsible Computing Policy, with the following noted changes to be included in the final policy:

·        A reference to NetStorage needs to be added to Section III of the Responsible Computing Policy on Southeastern Louisiana University’s website as follows:

“… active computer sessions, such as People Soft, Time-Center, registration, web mail and Net Storage, should never be left unattended.”

·        In regard to resource #3 - Wireless Access – a reference needs to be added to Section I, Subheading B, noting that guests who are authorized to use the University’s computing resources may be granted access to wireless resources for 48 hours after having been identified  by another on-campus employee.