Faculty Senate Resolution 2003-2004-27

The Bereavement Fund




WHEREAS faculty in the Southeastern family appreciate the support of the campus community when facing the loss of an immediate loved one, and


WHEREAS the Alumni Association has had an ongoing effort in place to provide support when faculty members face these times of need, sending cards and flowers on behalf of the Southeastern family, and


WHEREAS heretofore, the Alumni Association has taken it upon itself to provide these outreach services, without actively asking for contributions from the faculty,


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate express our appreciation to the Alumni Association for their quiet efforts in this regard, and


BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate ask that all faculty members begin to actively support this outreach program through a recommended $10 annual donation to the Southeastern Development Foundation, specifically earmarked to the Bereavement Fund for supporting Southeasternís response to the loss of an immediate family member.