Faculty Senate Resolution 2003-2004-26

Intellectual Property Policy




WHEREAS faculty may create, author or develop materials, products, and educational/ business programs, and


WHEREAS faculty may utilize materials, equipment, facilities or services (including student/ graduate assistant labor) provided by Southeastern Louisiana University in the development or production of the above, and


WHEREAS faculty may develop the aforementioned products during time periods that are part of their academic schedules or duties, and


WHEREAS since these activities may have commercial potential and may generate income or incentives, there is a need for clear guidance and description relating to the “ownership” of intellectual property, and


WHEREAS all parties need to very clear about what constitutes “incidental usage” of Southeastern’s facilities, time and materials, and


WHEREAS we are aware that, if Southeastern’s facilities, materials, reputation or time have been used in the creation of above mentioned products and services, it is right and proper for both parties to benefit from any potential income generated, and


Whereas the Intellectual Property Policy contains a form that a professor may use in order to bring a possible profit-generating concept to the attention of the Intellectual Property Committee, with the goal of creating an acceptable distribution of profits and/or fees,


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate recommend adoption of the draft “Intellectual Property Policy.”