Schedule Changes Made During the Drop/Add Period




Whereas the current policy at Southeastern does not limit the changes students can make to their schedules during the dedicated Drop/Add time, and


Whereas the most recent statistical data available from Records and Registration show that, in the Spring 2004 semester, 3400 students changed their schedules (making 10,400 changes in the roll during the first 4 official days of class), and


Whereas the resulting confusion and instability cause considerable difficulty in classes which require students to work in teams or groups, by making group work impossible until rolls are stable, and


Whereas such confusion and instability caused by these changes in class rolls hinders effective teaching by interfering with administrative needs, such as taking an accurate roll, and


Whereas the confusion and instability facilitate students’ misperception that “class doesn’t really start until after the first week of the semester,” thereby encouraging excessive absences during the first week of the semester, and


Whereas Southeastern’s policy of not limiting the number of times in which students can (for any reason) make changes in their course schedules, actually encourages students to divert necessary energy from supporting classes in which they are enrolled, into searching and selecting other classes that may or may not apply to their curriculum—a behavior which ultimately and consequently affects graduation rates, and


Whereas this policy as written accommodates and consequently seems to encourage this activity:


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT THE Faculty Senate respectfully request the Provost to appoint a committee to study policy mechanisms that would allow for a change in the Drop/Add Policy which would discourage students from abusing this privilege, by means such as, but not limited to, the following revisions of Southeastern’s Drop/Add criteria: