Faculty Senate Resolution 2003-2004-23

Anti-Plagiarism Resolution




WHEREAS the academic community relies on a high standard of integrity in the relations among it members, and


WHEREAS, to the extent that this standard is not maintained, the good of the community suffers, and


WHEREAS advances in technology continue to allow for new violations of this standard, and


WHEREAS it has been shown that these same advances in technology can be used to effectively combat such violations, and


WHEREAS there are two major US-based anti-plagiarism web sites:

1.     www.mydropbox.com



2.     www.turnitin.com


WHEREAS, based upon an enrollment of 15,000 students, Southeastern can subscribe to www.turnitin.com for $8825 per year or to www.mydropbox.com for $6500 per year:


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of Southeastern Louisiana University recommend that the administration pursue a site license for faculty and students to have access to use a plagiarism-detection web site.








1.   www.mydropbox.com



2.   www.turnitin.com, and



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