Whereas survey data from the Faculty demonstrates strong and consistent need and support for an on-campus daycare center for children of faculty and staff, and


Whereas the survey also demonstrates that faculty in need of such services would be willing to pay an appropriate amount for the care of their children in such an on-campus environment, and


Whereas Southeastern stands to gain a return on its investment in such a center from an increased capacity to recruit and retain faculty and staff through having such a facility in place:


be it therefore resolved that the Faculty Senate requests that the President take all necessary steps to establish a daycare center on (or near) Southeastern’s campus, including, but not limited to, the following options:

*    An on-campus daycare facility, operated by a private contractor,

*    An on-campus early childhood laboratory, run as part of the College of Education and Human Development, and

*    An “edge of campus” daycare facility, owned and operated by a private concern.