Faculty Senate Resolution 2003-2004-20

Commencement Changes 




WHEREAS Southeastern’s commencement exercise has become excessively long, often running well-beyond two hours in length, and


Whereas the number of graduates and the number of family members and guests accompanying them is beginning to exceed the seating capacity of the University Center, and


Whereas over time, the students’ and guests’ respect for the dignity of the ceremony has declined, evidenced by the rowdiness of the graduates and the declining number of family members and guests remaining for the entire ceremony, and


Be it therefore resolved that, in order to streamline the graduation process, while providing for a ceremony that will maximize the emotional enjoyment for all involved, the administration consider the following changes to the commencement ceremony:

*    Having graduate students hooded and graduate at a separate “Graduate School Commencement”;

*    Adding a summer commencement ceremony;  

*    Following the trend at other universities by eliminating the commencement speaker, with Southeastern’s President delivering an appropriate and brief address instead;

*    Whatever changes are made to the number of commencement ceremonies held on campus, each faculty member should continue to be required to attend no more than one commencement ceremony per year.