Whereas faculty members have witnessed apparently able-bodied students using handicapped parking tags on campus; and 


whereas the handicapped parking tags are valid for an entire year, but are routinely issued for temporary reasons, such as pregnancy, surgical recovery, or broken limbs, and


WHEREAS designated handicapped parking spaces should unquestionably be reserved for those members of the Southeastern family who are differently-abled;


Be it therefore resolved that the University Police be vigilant in issuing handicapped parking permits on campus; and


be it therefore further resolved that the Faculty Senate recommend that when dealing with applicants for handicapped parking permits who present an impermanent condition, the University Police should issue temporary handicapped parking tags for a specified, limited period, as deemed appropriate by the applicant's medical orders from a treating physician; and


be it therefore further resolved that the Faculty Senate request that the Director of Campus Security annually report to the President of the University on the number of handicapped parking tags issued and on the adequacy of handicapped parking on campus, in terms of the number, location, and utilization of these designated spaces.