C A M P U S   C O R R E S P O N D E N C E                                                                            

                                                                                            Southeastern Louisiana University



DATE:      August 3, 2005



TO:           Ms. Laverne Simoneaux, President                                                                                    

Faculty Senate



FROM:     Randy Moffett




RE:           Faculty Senate Resolutions, 2004-05



The following is offered in response to the Faculty Senate’s 2004-05 resolutions:


Resolution 04-05-01, Responsible Computing Policy


The Academic Affairs Council adopted changes in the Responsible Computing Policy

consistent with the Senate’s recommendation. 



Resolution 04-05-03, Changes in Semester Academic Honors with Respect to Pass/Fail Courses


The Academic Affairs Council adopted changes in the Semester Academic Honors consistent

with the Senate’s recommendations. 



Resolution 04-05-04, Contents of the Initial Faculty Application Packet


The Administration will work with Human Resources and the EEO officer to review and modify

faculty hiring guidelines as possible to address this concern. 



Resolution 04-05-05, Modifications to the Academic Integrity Process


In recent years the Academic Integrity Policy published in the General Catalogue has been refined and enhanced in an effort to allow the University to respond appropriately to academic dishonesty.  The Administration believes that most instances of academic dishonesty are best handled at the individual faculty/class level. 


When, because of repeated offenses or severity of the offense, an Academic Dean and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs becomes involved, the Student Code of Conduct provides a process to deal with the matter which preserves the student’s right to privacy and due process. 


It is not always feasible or appropriate for the outcome to be shared with faculty.  The administration will work with the Academic Deans, the Office of Judicial Affairs, and others to modify policies and procedures as necessary to provide feedback to faculty where possible.   



Resolution 04-05-06, Streamlining Internal Grant Applications


The Administration supports this recommendation and will request that the referenced

Committees work with Dr. Tena Golding, Director of the Center for Excellence, to ensure

internal grant application processes are as streamlined as possible. 



Resolution 04-05-07, Faculty Search Procedures


The Administration agrees that departments would benefit from written procedures for the

conduct of faculty searches and the selection and operation of  faculty search committees.  An

ad-hoc Committee will be appointed by the Provost to recommend general guidelines that

departments would follow in developing specific departmental guidelines for the selection and operation of search committees. 



Resolution 04-05-10, Cell Phones


Because the Provost’s “Blue Memo” clearly states that faculty may modify the example decorum statement as they deem appropriate, changes to the statement do not appear to be necessary.



Resolution 04-05-11, Advising as Teaching


The enhancement of academic advising through development and implementation of the QEP is

a key strategy for improving Southeastern’s retention, progression, and graduation rates. 

The intent is not to add to faculty workload, but to augment faculty efforts through creation of an

advising center, and to encourage students to pursue higher-value interactions with students as

professional mentors. 


Significant faculty participation and input has been and will continue to be a part of development

and implementation of the Advising Center and the Center for Student Excellence.  Likewise, a broad-based committee currently is developing recommended changes to promotion and tenure and annual evaluation guidelines, including evaluating and rewarding faculty advising/mentoring activities.