English Department Notice of Plagiarism










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The following evidence suggests that an act of plagiarism has been committed and I am recommending the following consequences:









In accordance with the SLU General Catalogue in the section on Academic Integrity, you are hereby notified of this alleged violation and its consequences.You have ten working days to appeal this decision in writing to the Head of the English Department.Following the response of the Department Head, you may appeal to the Dean of Arts and Science in writing within ten days of that response.If they do not dissent with my conclusion, then the consequences will be those that I have already outlined.If you choose not to meet with me to discuss this alleged violation of the Academic Integrity policy then my recommended action will be adopted.


                   The student chose not to meet with the instructor.


                   The student met with the instructor and chose to appeal.


                   The student met with the instructor and agreed to the recommended action.




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