Faculty Senate report on Athletics and Academics



The information provided serves as an example of the academic profile summary for Athletes across teams.







Currently, Athletics and Student Enhancement Services (SES) co-employee a Student Success Coordinator, Heather Jensen, whose duties include identifying athletes in academic jeopardy, creating a plan with students for improving academic performance, teaching and expecting student accountability, and serving as a liaison between academic units and Athletics.


Heather is located in NCBS 207, and can be reached at extension 2227. 


Key thoughts:


Summary of On-line Progress Reporting System:


Spring 2004, first use, 2 transmissions

1605 grade requests (all athletes, all classes)

First “close-out” yielded 72% faculty response (1163/1605)

Second “close-out” yielded less than 50% faculty response

Closeout -  faculty responses no longer  accepted, approximately 7-10 days


System design:

Hyperlink to on-line request included in pre-written email (problem - addressed)

PeopleSoft navigation

Information entered into search boxes (term code, class number, etc.) by faculty (problem - addressed)

Student list revealed in search

Information requests included:


Faculty responses:


Athletics responses:


Faculty Athletic Committee and Athletic’s proposed changes to On-line system: (for faculty “friendliness” and athletics “usefulness”)

·          Clarify and post times, dates, and closings of each new grade request (communicate with indicated faculty at beginning of each semester, with initial classrolls, follow-up  email from Heather Jensen, with attached hyperlink to system)(simplify instructions, offer personal assistance)