Southeastern Louisiana University
of the Faculty Senate, 2000-2001

Faculty Senate Resolution 00-01#4
Adopted November 1, 2000


Funding for Higher Education

WHEREAS Louisiana is ranked last in the South for funding for higher education, and

WHEREAS faculty salaries in the University of Louisiana System fall 8% below the SREB average, a "moving target" which increases each year, and

WHEREAS the System would need an additional $10 million to bring faculty salaries to the current SREB average, and

WHEREAS System institutions receive an average of only 70% of the funds required by the Board of Regents funding formula, and

WHEREAS Southeastern Louisiana University typically receives the lowest percentage of the formula of any State university, and

WHEREAS $100 million would be necessary to raise funding for Louisiana's colleges and universities to the current SREB average, and

WHEREAS the Legislature appropriated only $4.1 million of "new" money for the University of Louisiana institutions, but mandated $6.2 million in new unfunded costs (e.g., civil service raises, insurance costs, etc.), thereby resulting in a net loss in funding, and

WHEREAS higher education institutions must also absorb losses associated with rises in inflation, higher utilities costs, and other expenses, and

WHEREAS at its October 27, 2000, meeting, Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System, appalled by these facts, unanimously endorsed passage of Constitutional Amendments 2 and 3, commonly called the Stelly Plan, on November 7, and

WHEREAS the resulting increase in the state's tax revenue must by law go into the Education Enhancement Fund, with 80% devoted to faculty salaries for K-12 and higher education and the remaining 20% devoted to educational enhancement, and

WHEREAS the amendments call for an end of the regressive 4 % sales tax on food and utilities which impact rich and poor alike, and an increase in income taxes tied to a family's earnings, and

WHEREAS many families with lower income will actually see a net decrease of their tax burden, and others are expected to see a relatively small increase, and

WHEREAS such a plan will create a more stable tax base, and

WHEREAS teachers and state employees do not pay Louisiana income tax on their state retirement benefits and thus, with passage of these amendments, will benefit from this plan, and

WHEREAS passage of both amendments could result in significant increases in faculty salaries in the first year of implementation, and

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate of Southeastern Louisiana University endorse passage of Constitutional Amendments 2 and 3 on November 7;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate of Southeastern Louisiana University urge all university faculty, staff, and students, as well as members of the general public, to vote for both of these amendments

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