Southeastern Louisiana University
of the Faculty Senate, 2000-2001

Faculty Senate Resolution 00-01#3
Adopted Oct.4, 2000

First Day Drops of Students

Whereas the increase in student enrollment has created more demand for courses over the years;

Whereas a large number of students have a tendency not to attend class during the first week, and/or a tendency to "shop around" for courses and instructors;

Whereas a growing number of students who want or, more importantly, need to take a course cannot register for it because students who do not attend the first week or two are taking valuable space on the class roster, perhaps with no intention of attending or finishing the course;

Whereas there appears to be a current tendency for some students not to see the importance of attending classes for which they are enrolled during the first week, which should not be perpetuated or tolerated at the University level;

Be it therefore resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends that Faculty be given the OPTION to drop students who have not appeared for the first two class sessions (or one class session for term classes or classes that meet only once per week) at the end of the fourth class day during the fall/spring semesters;

Be it further resolved that provisions be made for classes that meet at irregular times or intervals, and for any other classes that have special circumstances; and

Be it further resolved that students be allowed only to ADD courses on the fifth class day, following possible purges from the rolls by Faculty; and

Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends that through outreach to high schools, freshman orientation, clear notification in the student handbook, catalogue, web sites, schedule bulletins, and stronger advising, students become aware of their responsibility to attend class, especially during the important first few sessions; and

Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends that students be informed of their responsibility to contact the instructor in cases of emergency, in order to hold their space in the class; and

Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends implementation of the new policy for Fall 2001, giving adequate time for the dissemination of the new policy.

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