Bereavement Policy and Procedures

Immediate* Family Member of Southeastern Faculty/Staff:

1.                  Presidentís Office is notified

2.                  President calls faculty/staff member

3.                  Presidentís Office:

a.       Emails notice to ByLion

b.      Mails card (pre-signed by president and vice presidents to faculty/staff member)

c.       Calls Alumni Director

d.      Coordinates persons to attend funeral on behalf of the University

4.                  Alumni:

a.       Orders food or flowers

b.      Adds to Golden Silence list

5.                  Flowers or food are also sent to the family members of a current student who is deceased.

6.                  Cards are signed Drs. Randy and Barbara Moffett, Southeastern Alumni and the Southeastern Family



*Immediate:†† Spouse, parent, father-in-law, mother-in-law, child