Southeastern Louisiana University
Faculty Senate Agenda
December 7, 2005
Alumni Center, 3 p.m.

     I. Call to Order and Roll Call
     II. Approval of the Minutes B November 2, 2005
     III. Invited Guests
           A. Dr. Randy Moffett, President, Southeastern Louisiana University

     IV. Old Business
           A. Resolution on Advertising Guidelines for the Hiring of Tenure Track Faculty [Faculty Welfare, Bostic]

           B. Resolution on Diversity among Tenure Track Faculty [Faculty Welfare, Bostic]

           C. Resolution on Dismissal of Tenure Track Faculty [Professional Rights and Responsibilities, Williams]

     V. New Business
           A. Changes to Faculty Handbook regarding "Procedures for Resolving Faculty Complaints" [Dranguet]
                --Timeline, Response from President, Other possible options for faculty, etc.

     VI. Announcements
           A. SGA [Kleiner]
           B. Benefits
                -Faculty may make changes in carriers of their Optional Retirement Plans through December to take effect in January.
                -Faculty may make changes to the cafeteria plan through December 9 to take effect in January