Southeastern Louisiana University

Faculty Senate Agenda

October 5, 2005

Alumni Center, 3 p.m.

I.                     Call to Order and Roll Call

II.                   Approval of the Minutes – 14 September 2005

III.                  Invited Guests


·        Kathy Pittman, Director of Alumni Relations

·        Dr. John Crain, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

·        Dr. Michael L. Kurtz, Dean of the Graduate School

·        Dr. Alvin Burstein, Professor and Head of Psychology and President of the AAUP-Southeastern Executive Committee


IV.               New Business

A.                 Advertising Guidelines for the Hiring of Tenure Track Faculty [Ply]






B.                 Graduate Faculty [Kurtz]






C.                Dismissal of Tenure Track Faculty [Ply]








V.                 Announcements

A.                 Homecoming:  Saturday, November12, 2005

B.                 BOS/FAC Report [Yeargain]




VI.               Adjournment–Next Meeting: November 2, 2005