Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate

                                                            Meeting Minutes

                                            Wednesday, September 14, 2005

                                                            Alumni Center


I.          Senate President Laverne Simoneaux called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. in

             the Alumni Center.  Membership Secretary Mary Sue Ply called the roll.                                       

             Senators absent were:  Beard, Kleiner, Krylo, Schulte, Weaver, and Williams.

II.         Minutes from the August 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.

III.        Senator Simoneaux asked for consent to change the order of the agenda so that

             invited guests from Payroll and Human Resources could return to work.  This

             request was approved.

             A.      Senator Simoneaux introduced the invited guests from Payroll and Human

                       Resources.  She then asked Senator Ramsey to present his resolution (#03)

                       Addendum A.  Senator Ramsey summarized the resolution thanking the

                       staff of these campus office for getting the payroll out in a timely manner

                       during Hurrican Katrina.  The resolution passed unanimously with


             B.       Senator Simoneaux then introduced President Randy Moffett, who was

                       accompanied by Dr. John Crain, Dr. Brad O’Hara, Mr. Stephen Smith,

                       Dr. Marvin Yates, and Dr. Joe Miller.

                             1.    Dr. Moffett began by introducing the men with him.

                                          a.  He described the extra duties that each man had taken on

                                               in the aftermath of the hurricane.

                                          b. When he introduced Dr. Yates, he detailed his previous

                                               employment and announced that he had recently been

                                               approved by the BOS as Interim Vice-President for Student


                                          c.  Dr. Moffett joked that Dr. Yates had “blown in with the

                                               storm” and had received a “baptism by fire” in helping to

                                               deal with the problems created by Katrina.

                              2.    Dr. Moffett thanked the faculty for everything that have done and

                                     are continuing to do to help during this difficult time.

                              3.    Dr. Moffett said that before Katrina, the University’s enrollment

                                     was about 15,500, which was above the Regent’s goal for us.

                              4.    Dr. Moffett acknowledged that the influx of displaced students has

                                     put a strain on the University,  but we are doing everything we can

                                     to accommodate them because they need to return to a routine.

                              5.    Dr. Moffett said that all of the guests with him deserve our thanks

                                     for how they rose to the occasion and did whatever was asked of

                                     them.  Dr. Moffett said that this appreciation should extend to

                                     Terry Passman and the Physical Plant workers, Dr. Assodeh and

                                     the Office of Technology, Aramark Food Services (for feeding

                                     the evacuees in the University Center, and the Police Department.

             C.      Senator Simoneaux asked for approval to change the agenda again for the

                        introduction of a resolution.  This request was approved.



                              1.    Senator Simoneaux asked Senator Ramsey to read his resolution

                                     thanking the Administration and their staffs. (#02) Addendum B.

                               2.   After presenting the resolution, Senator Ramsey added that he

                                     wanted to emphasize “students” and “responsiveness and selfless

                                     service  because students have been telling him that they

                                     appreciate everything Southeastern has been doing to help them.

                               3.   The resolution was approved by applause.

             D.      Dr. Moffett then introduced Mr. Stephen Smith.

                              1.    Mr. Smith thanked the Senate for showing its appreciation to the

                                     personnel from Payroll and Human Resources.

                              2.    He said that everyone should have been paid by now, and that

                                     payroll is “back on cycle.” 

             E.      Dr. Moffett then introduced Dr. Crain.

                              1.    Dr. Crain said that the University is pleased with the results of

                                     enrollment so far.  Only about 250-300 students have indicated

                                     that they will be unable to return to school.  This number is not

                                     expected to go above 500.

                              2.    Southeastern has received applications from about 1400 displaced

                                     students.  About 1000 of these have registered for classes. 

                                     Registration will continue through September 16.

                              3.    Dr. Crain said that these students are “gracious and grateful” for

                                     what Southeastern is doing for them.

                              4.    He said that the Administration is pleased but not surprised by

                                     well Southeastern faculty and staff have responded.  He asked for

                                     continued patience with the disruptions.

                              5.    Senator Neuerberg asked for a count of how many students have

                                     checked in.

                                              a.    Dr. Crain said that it was about 13,000.  However, not

                                                     all students used the check-in process; many just

                                                     returned to classes.

                                              b.    Senator Ply asked if students should still check in.

                                                     Dr. Crain responded that the check-in process helped

                                                     at the beginning of the return to school, and is now of

                                                     diminishing value.  However, students can still check in.

                                              c.    Senator Burns said that some students had checked-in as

                                                     N (not returning) but have since shown up in class.  Dr.

                                                     Crain said that every student who checked-in as N was

                                                     contacted by phone.  After speaking with a University

                                                     representative,  about 5-% realized that it would be

                                                     possible for them to come back.

                                              d.    An unidentified Senator asked how it was that so many

                                                     students were able to return.  Dr. Crain said that most

                                                     of our students come from areas with manageable

                                                     damage.  Also,  most of the students from the hardest hit

                                                     areas were already living on campus.  Dr. Moffett said

                                                     that “old” Taylor Hall has been reopened and is housing

                                                     about 400 students.

             F.      Dr. Moffett then introduced Dr. O’Hara.

                              1.    Dr. O’Hara joked that this would be his “swan song” on parking

                                     because it will now become Dr. Yates’ responsibility.

                              2.    Dr. O’Hara said that the University will begin a free shuttle bus

                                     service from the St. Tammany and Slidell areas to Southeastern.

                                     It will run until September 30,  and then its usefulness will be


                              3.    Dr. O’Hara asked for everyone’s help with parking because there

                                     are so many more people on campus (National Guardsmen,

                                     Entergy workers, police, and additional students).  He said that

                                     on Monday (9/19) and Tuesday (9/20) the police will issue

                                     warning citations.  On Wednesday (9/21), they will begin


                                              a.    Dr. Moffett asked all Senators to tell their students to get

                                                     hang tags.  There is no charge for displaced students, but

                                                     all cars need to be registered with the Police Dept.

                                              b.    Senator Simoneaux said that community people are

                                                     coming on campus to use the Library’s computers. 

                                                     Dr. Moffett said that if these people are ticketed, they

                                                     should take the ticket to the Police Dept. to be handled

                                                     on a case-by-case basis.

                              4.    Dr. O’Hara said that the bus schedule will be posted on the SLU

                                     home page and at various sites on campus.

             G.      Dr. Crain took the floor again.

                              1.    He announced that classes at the St. Tammany Center are being

                                     relocated to Fontainebleau Junior High School because the Red

                                     Cross is headquartered at the St. Tammany Center.

                                              a.    Senator Dassau asked if science lab classes were being

                                                     held at Fontainebleau.  Dr. Crain said that for now labs

                                                     will meet in classrooms.  The University is negotiating

                                                     to be able to use only the labs at the St. Tammany


                                              b.    Senator Ply asked if daytime classes are relocating. 

                                                     Dr. Crain said they are because the parish schools are

                                                     not back in session yet.  Southeastern hopes to be able

                                                     to be back in the St. Tammany Center by the time the

                                                     parish schools reopen.

             H.      Dr. Moffett then introduced Dr. Miller.

                              1.    Dr. Miller announced that the Development Foundation has two

                                     accounts for accepting monetary relief donations.  One account

                                     is for athletes (NCAA approved), and the other one is for faculty,

                                     staff and students.

                              2.    He said that checks should be made out to the Development

                                    Foundation and marked for “Hurricane Relief.”

IV.         Old Business:

              A.     FAC Alternate Election:  Senator Simoneaux asked Senator Titard to

                       conduct the election.  Senator Titard said that all candidates had been

                       invited to make brief speeches. 

                              1.    Senator Bostic spoke first.  She said that she had enjoyed her time

                                     as FAC Representative.  She said that although the position is

                                     often an overlooked and sometimes thankless job, important work

                                     gets done.  She is eager and anxious to get back to that work.

                              2.    Senator Dassau spoke next.  She said that when she was a

                                     Southeastern student she was active in organizations that allowed

                                     her to interact with student leaders, administrators, and

                                     community leaders, such as Pat Taylor.  So she has experience.

                                     Also, as someone who started at Southeastern as a part-time

                                     lecturer and is now and Instructor, she believes that can speak for

                                     all faculty members.

                              3.    Dr. Yuri Malozovsky was absent.

                              4.    Senator Ply spoke next.  She said that in the past she served as

                                     either FAC Representative or Alternate for a period of about ten

                                     years.  During that time, she forged strong relationships with

                                     members, especially the local ones.  She can speak to them

                                     honestly and straightforwardly.  She is a “known quantity.”  As

                                     a tenured faculty member she can not be pressured, and she is

                                     free to speak her mind.  She would be honored to serve again.

                              5.    Senator Titard then asked the members of his committee to assist

                                     him in distributing, collecting, and counting the ballot.

             B.      While waiting for the election results,  Senator Simoneaux moved on to

                       the next item of Old Business:  the Composition of the Nominations and

                       Elections Committee resolution (#06) Addendum C.  She called on Senator

                       Coxe to present the resolution.  Senator Coxe explained that the

                       Membership Secretary’s help is invaluable to the committee.  Therefore,

                       these duties need to be written into the bylaws to make them “legitimate.”

                       The resolution was approved.

             C.       Senator Ply was elected as FAC Alternate.

V.         New Business (continued)

             C.     Senator Wyld presented a resolution (#04) Addendum D welcoming

                       students back to Southeastern and welcoming “new friends” to

                       Southeastern.  The resolution was approved.

             D.     Senator Simoneaux introduced a “surprise” resolution to add levity to

                       the post-Katrina proceedings.  This resolution (#05) Addendum E says

                       that Mother Nature now “owes us one” to help make Louisiana better than

                       ever as the State works to recover.

VI.        Announcements:

             A.     Senator Ply announced that some departments will have to elect additional

                       senators.  Teaching/Learning has already added two (they were present at

                       the meeting).  English needs another senator, and so does Nursing.  New

                     faculty counts will also mean redoing the Standing Committees list.  She

                     will present the data at the next meeting.

            B.     Senator Yeargain presented the BOS/FAC report from the August 26

                     meeting.  He reported that ULL, McNeese, and Grambling gave various

                     forms of raises.  The funding for these raises comes from the institutions.

                     Dr. Crain asked if the raises had actually been implemented yet, or only

                     authorized?  Senator Yeargain said he was not sure.  Senator Yeargain

                     provided the rest of his report (see Addendum F for his full report).

                     Dr. Crain asked for permission to reiterate the comments that Dr. Moffett

                     made at Convocation concerning raises.  Southeastern’s request for raises

                     was “built into” the budget, contingent on available monies.  The State’s

                     budget picture is in flux at this point, and the effect on institutions is not

                     clear yet. 

            C.     The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

            D.     The next meeting is scheduled for October 5,  2005.


Respectfully submitted,

Senator Hite

Recording Secretary